Friday, December 2, 2011

A Day In Pictures (Mostly)

Today was an early day.  Very, very early.  Isaiah did well in his crib...until 4.  We tried ever so quietly to sneak out of the room so that Michael would not wake.  After a change and a bottle, I had a happy baby.

One cup of coffee and a few snuggles later, I hear Michael's talking alphabet toy singing the ABC's.  Start your engines, we are off and running for the day!  Michael likes to start his day with a banana and "Sesame Street".  This morning, he was a little groggy while enjoying his morning routine.  Standing next to Isaiah, he chomps away on one piece of banana and it sort of waving another piece with his other hand in the air.  Isaiah was so intent on grabbing this piece on his first given opportunity.  As Michael stared and waved this delicious looking morsel, Isaiah drooled in anticipation and flapped his hands in an attempt to take a piece.   "BA!  BA!  BAAA!", he would exclaim to Michael, but to his dismay, Michael was always just a centimeter too far for his reach.  It was quite comical.

Finally, he gave up.  I made it up to him with some smashed banana and lots of kisses.

Michael had a bit of a hard morning, so during Isaiah's morning nap, Michael and I watched his favorite YouTube videos and snuggled.  We switch between his favorites:  Sesame Street clips and Celtic Thunder.
I can't wait to post about Celtic Thunder next week, we are taking him to see them live at Playhouse Square!

We always start with this video, and probably watch it about 10 times before moving on, but eventually back to it:


By 1 p.m. I was extremely tired and Isaiah did not want to sleep.  My mom came and saved the day while I took a nap.  When I woke, Michael was just getting up and Grandma and baby were having applesauce and playing.  We managed to get the Christmas tree up and my mom organized my pantry for me!  It was a sorry state of affairs before she worked her magic.  Michael was very testy, because of course, Grandma is ONLY there to play with him!  A plastic ladle and serving spoon kept him occupied for a while.

Now, of course, a post would not be a post without a prayer request.  Enter, Evan Pattison:

 Doesn't he have the sweetest face?  This past Tuesday, this sweet little boy has Autism.  He was struck by a car last Tuesday and is in a medical induced coma at our local children's hospital.  PLEASE pray for him.  If you are on Facebook, you can also join the prayer page that was set up for him by a good friend of mine.

Christmas decorating has officially begun here in our cozy apartment.  After much discussion, my husband and I have decided not to use our traditional tree and ornaments.  I know, there are some people saying "Oh, you HAVE to have a tree!" and to that I say, "we do!".  It is just not this huge cone of sparking lights, crinkling tinsel, and tons of shiny ornaments hanging from every limb.  We do not feel it is fair to completely overstimulate Michael with that sort of thing and then tell him "No!" for the next 28 days.  So here is our tree:
 You can only see the top half, because the bottom is barricaded by the couches, to keep our monkey from knocking the whole thing down.  We love it and this is what works for us.  I have begun to see that we should continually find ways to "look outside of the box" and do what is right for OUR family and not care about how others think we should do things.  I can't wait to have Michael help me make sparkling fish that we can hang from the ceiling.  We are going to have fun!  Little Isaiah just likes to take in all the twinkles.  

Michael ended the day on a happy note.  There was a disaster a bit later in the evening that I will not speak was dastardly.  Bedtime for him went pretty smoothly.  Isaiah was not so easy, and I almost had to enlist the emotional support of my good friend to keep me out of the room and try to calm him.  I was strong tonight.  She will be proud :).

Only problem is he woke around 11 and Daddy was home.  I turn my back for one minute and that softy has done this:

He eventually put Isaiah back in the crib, only to go lay in bed "in case he needs us".  Japan can hear that child, I think we would know!  I might just sleep on the couch tonight, just to get some rest!  

He is just so darn cute, though! 


  1. I like that idea for your tree! Great job! I wish I would have thought of that for our son! I'll be posting his decorating job next week!

  2. Thanks! We are hoping to make some fish from construction paper today and hang them...we'll see how monkey feels when he wakes from nap. I love your decorations on!