Friday, November 25, 2011

All Ye...

What a day.  Black Friday was not spent shopping for deals, at least not in this house.  Kids up bright and early and I decided to make it washing day.  We have had a nasty cold virus running through the house for months.  So gross!  Poor kids are always coughing and noses always running.  Once Isaiah was down for his morning nap, I decided to do the wash.  All the bedding, clothes and even Brian's winter coat.  This is NOT an easy feat with Michael in tow.  First, he would only wear one shoe.  Then he insisted on bringing the Wii remote.  Once I had 2 loads worth in the cart, I grabbed my home made laundry detergent (recipe in upcoming post) and my keys.  Our laundry machines require a plastic re-loadable cash card to operate for our "convenience".  The convenience part is quite laughable to me, because no matter what safe place I put it in, I always end up tearing apart everything looking for the stupid thing.  Twenty minutes later, we are off to the laundry room...this time, with Michael wearing no shoes and carrying the Wii remote in one hand, a letter block in the other.

As SOON as the door opens, he takes off running up the hallway.  Here I go, chasing him so that I can catch up to him before he gets to the laundry room door.  Once I meet him there and get the cart halfway into the doorway, he slips past me and runs back towards our apartment.  Leaving the cart to hold the door open for us, I run off to catch him.  Giggling and squealing, he manages to escape my hands for 5 minutes before deciding to sit on the ground and scream.  Oh, well gotcha this time!  And we finally get to start the laundry.

The next trip to switch the loads was quite similar, except this time he almost escaped to the open elevator and I received a disapproving look from a woman about 30 years my senior.  "Think you can do better?  Have at it!" I thought and smiled to myself.  I love how so many people feel that they are such experts.

Today was a bit warmer outside so I was able to open the windows while I sprayed the house down with my Thieves spray and my vinegar, lemon and eucalyptus mixture for good measure.  Michael proceeded to steal the cordless and call people on my speed dial at 8 a.m.  He likes to seize the day, what can I say?  :)

I made another loaf of bread today.  It is amazing what simple yeast, water, flour and salt can create inside of a dutch oven.  The dough had been rising all night long and this time I followed the instructions, giving it only a second rise.  I did not have any more parchment paper, so I sprayed the bottom of the dutch oven with a little olive oil spray, hoping for the best.  This is my best loaf thus far.  It is probably non-existent at this point, as I have left Brian alone with it for over half an hour!  This is fine with me, as I get my slices and then I don't feel tempted to eat more.  You must try this for yourself, head over here for the recipe.

Did anyone else see the story about recalled canned pumpkin?  I still cannot believe that they waited until Thanksgiving day to let us all know that brands of canned pumpkin sold at Giant Eagle and other local stores needs to be tossed immediately.  I hope that no one got sick because of this.  Good news, if you bought a tainted can, you can choose between a refund or a free pie!  No, that is not a sick joke.  They really are offering free pie as a choice.  As if you would even want to look at a pie if you happened to have fallen ill from this. 

Such a long day.  Brian took Michael to the store with him this afternoon.  Michael was not happy when he woke from his nap.  I really think that he understands way more than we think.  Today I decided no matter who telephones us, if the conversation turns to the part of Michael that is Autism, the conversation goes on the balcony where he cannot hear.  He was biting, hitting, and he just looked sad.  He had this look that tore my heart in pieces.  It said to me "YOU think this is hard for YOU?  Imagine what it is like for me!".  He insisted that he must have the cordless phone and when I tired to take it from him, he became even more upset.  Not even brownies could budge his tight grip of his pudgy little hand from the phone.  So off to Marc's went Brian, Michael and the cordless phone!  He was a much happier little camper upon return, so that is all that matters to me. 

It is only 8:14 p.m. and I am writing this from my bed!  There is something so lovely and comforting about fresh sheets, isn't there?  Baby Isaiah is sleeping sweetly a few feet from me and I've left Brian to watch his hockey and requested his help folding all this laundry.  My body is tired and my heart is too.  I have had a lot on my heart today.  A friend reported that one of her teenage daughter's classmates was killed in a car accident yesterday.  Another one called me out of the blue so distraught over very severe marital problems.  Her soft voice asking me to pray keeps echoing in my head.  Oh, I am praying honey! 
I am thinking of the two babies, Bryce and Baen that are fighting for their little lives and their parents that must be in so much pain watching it unfold.  They are the only documented twins in the world that have been diagnosed with Hurler's syndrome. 
I am thinking of the young Skelton brothers that went missing from Michigan one year ago yesterday.  Every time I see their pictures I wonder and pray.  Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner, if for some very miniscule chance you ever stumble upon this blog, know that your family is looking for you and the whole country is rooting for your return home.  Scream, yell, run, whatever you have to do.  Everyone by this time knows your last name.  Yell it very loud and say that you need help.  Help WILL come.
I am thinking about each and every one of you reading this.  Whatever you are facing, whether you are suffering or celebrating, my heart is in some small way with you tonight.  So I leave you with this:

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