Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Blessings

Well, looks like I missed posting on Monday.  I was so incredibly tired, I could not even muster words!
Today, like most days was a series of ups and downs, but always leaving me at the end most grateful for my boys.

My mom came over and brought me a most beautiful vision-a box of k-cups from BJs!  A decent cup of coffee is a wonderful gift.  Michael went off to school and I spent the day doing a lot of paperwork I needed to catch up on.  Isaiah was most unhappy for pretty much the whole day.  I felt a little tooth pricking out of his gums so I am hoping the Tylenol will soothe him.  My camera is here amongst a flurry of blocks, books and pretty much everything else you can possibly imagine.  I must find it tomorrow so I can snap as many gummy-smile pictures before it is too late!  Also, Isaiah is now upright, with the assistance of the train table for balance and it is the cutest thing ever. 

I found early in the day that we did not have enough formula to make it until the end of the night.  Staring out the window at the rain, I was not looking forward to making the journey with Isaiah to pick some up.  Enter my very good friend to my rescue.  Another life-saving gesture made towards me, now we have enough until the morning without getting wet and most likely annoyed! 

It took Michael approximately 20 minutes after he came home from school to turn nearly anything not bolted down upside down.  He is so curious and very fast!  We escaped disaster as well:  he climbed into the bottom of the sit and stand stroller to play with the straps and was completely stuck.  After calming him down and letting him know mommy would somehow free him (and a few bites on my hand!), I was able to shimmy him out.  I honestly had NO clue if I would be able to accomplish this, but I did. 

Had an encounter with some very rude people in the lobby again.  Apparently, it bothers them that Michael is in a stroller "at his age".  "Oh, mommy must not want to bother walking with him..." one lady commented.

There are lots of things that I did not know when I started this journey with Michael, but one theme that has been running this past week is this:  I had no clue that my every move would be criticized and that I would constantly be defending myself.  From people looking at me down their nose in a disapproving glare, sarcastic comments and then the quick "Oh, just kidding...", to the nosey strangers when we leave our apartment, it is really starting to get to me. 
I never knew how much people would be bothered by us.
I am beginning to feel unwelcome wherever we go. 
Today I was reading a poem about being a parent of a child with Autism,
written by Cindy Waeltermann.  One part struck me very deep and it is exactly what various people are saying, whether it be verbal or through their very obvious body language:

“He needs discipline,” they say “Just a well-needed smack,
You must learn to parent…” And on goes the attack
I tell you.  I am just over it this week.  And it is only Tuesday!  I did have to think about that for a moment, if I was on the correct day of the week!  Just when you think that you are all alone, a stranger can also surprise you.  While waiting for my friend in the lobby, a woman tapped me on the shoulder.  She told me, "here you go.  Put this on tonight and hold your babies".  It was a t-shirt that reads "World's Best Mom".

Immanuel.  Always with us and ready to offer the most simple, yet wonderful reminders of His
love just when we need them most.  His grace is so amazing.

Tomorrow I am going to introduce you to two little angels. Bryce and Baen.  If you read any post in this blog, please read the one coming tomorrow.  Their story will change you forever.
Not a night can be wasted without prayer, so I will post this link for now.
If you have a moment, please check out their Facebook page and pray for them tonight, and could you also remember their parents?  I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through. 
The closest I can come is remembering the pain and whirlwind of Michael's NICU stay...
and then multiplying that by about 5,000. 

That is the other thing that you are not prepared for when becoming a parent-
just how much room there is in your heart. 

I pray that for tonight, God will surround himself around the Hurst family and give them all some much needed rest.  Lay your healing hands on those beautiful baby boys and comfort the weeping hearts of their mommy and daddy.  May the same power that resurrected our Lord and Savior work a miracle in this family from the hairs on their heads to the toes on their feet.  Amen. 

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